We presently specialise in the following four core areas:

ICT Systems Integration
Systems integration plays a major role in many buildings and engineering solutions

In the current age of science and technology, the information and communication technology (ICT) has played a significant role in our daily life including the engineering services. Since the invention of Internet a few decades ago, its incorporation in the ICT systems integration becomes dominant. Coupled with the tiny, efficient, intelligent and low-powered wireless sensors, a properly designed integrated system can provide the highly relevant information for controlling and monitoring purposes of any assets at the touch of a button at all times and anywhere in the world.

Equipped with a broad technical knowledge of the available software and hardware and many decades of experience in building and civil engineering works, we can provide the expert know-how in recommending the best and practical solutions as a complete package to Clients. It is our objective to continuously researching for the latest and most advanced technologies with appropriate materials, tools, and procedures for the rapid and cost-effective solutions in many aspects of engineering works and services in the natural and built environment.


High Performance Building

Recent studies indicate that buildings alone contribute almost half of

Building Automation System is a key to energy efficient buildings

the global greenhouse gases emission, thus considered as a primary cause of the global warming and climate change. The amount of CO2 emitted by a building during its operation is mostly related to the energy efficiency. This emission refers to the burning of fuel for electricity to operate the building and the water it consumed, which is responsible for about 70 to 80% of the total CO2 footprint of the building throughout its life cycle.

For an efficient energy management of a building, detailed knowledge about airflow and the associated power variations inside the building is one of the key factors to be considered in ensuring a comfortable indoor environment with a significant energy saving. We provide a total solution in actually reducing building energy consumption by collecting and analysing relevant indoor data using established energy software such as OpenStudio and recommending to the Client the most optimum solution to save energy cost. Also, the energy efficiency of a building is a major contributing factor in the award of a Green Building Index and other certifications such as the newly introduced MyCrest, thus marking its importance in the pursuance of a Green Building status. Two of our directors actively involved with the CIDB Malaysia in the development and implementation of the MyCrest initiatives.

In collaboration with our well-established associates, we can also incorporate the concept of the ‘internet of things’ to ensure a full automation with real-time remote monitoring and possible remote diagnostics of a building.


Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System
Data collection and transmission for SHM system of a bridge using smart sensors and Internet of Thing

Monitoring the safety and functionality of buildings and civil infrastructures are critical to minimising the cost associated with repair and maintenance, and ultimately improving public safety and comfort. We actively involved in the inspection and structural evaluation of cable-stayed bridges and tunnels as part of their long-term maintenance procedure.

In this respect, structural health monitoring (SHM) system plays an important role in capturing structural response as well as assessing structural condition. The long term structural health monitoring system using wireless smart and very low power consumption sensors for civil infrastructure such as cable-stayed bridges can be proposed, installed and commissioned based on our expert knowledge of structural behaviour coupled with the latest technological know-how of wireless sensor system. Considered as a major part of a bridge management system (BMS), our SHM system provides the necessary tool for a real-time data acquisition, component structural analysis, and the corresponding alert system, all of which are continuously linked to the Internet for easy accessibility by the Clients. We have the latest innovative hardware and software to be incorporated in our system, which is available at a very competitive cost, considerably cheaper as compared to foreign competitors.


Structural Inspection & Repair
Repairing concrete cracks by injection of epoxy or polyurethane

Our particular expertise is the structural inspection and repair of concrete tunnels, bridges, and buildings. Equipped with our in-depth knowledge and vast experience in concrete behaviour and structural analysis, we can inspect, propose and perform an economical repairing method as an efficient solution to any specific structural problems. Many clients prefer this total solution initiative as a complete package of assets maintenance process. If necessary, we also carry out suitable non-destructive tests to check the integrity of a structure. Identifying the root cause of the defects including the critical environmental elements is paramount. Subsequently, choosing the correct materials for an appropriate application as recommended by the manufacturer is critical to ensure concrete defects (e.g. structural cracks and spalling) are properly taken care of.