Our Work

Bridge Management Systems (BMS)
Sg. Johor Bridge aerial view

(July 2014-February 2015): Design, development, supply, and

Sg. Johor cable-stay bridge_deck view

commissioning of a complete  bridge management system comprising of suitable hardware and software, and provide the necessary staff training for Senai-Desaru Expressway Sg. Johor cable-stayed bridge.


Engineering Assessment Genting Sempah Tunnel

(December 2016):

Scanning tool on the roof of a vehicle inside the tunnel
  • Aerial view of Genting Sempah tunnel entrance taken from a drone

    Design, develop and implement an innovative system to detect the exposed and concealed cracks, water leakage and other defects of the concrete linings by employing the visual and non-destructure tests (NDT) using optical camera complete with stabilizer, thermal camera, and a drone. The gathered images subsequently analyzed using the latest software to create a detailed 3-D close-up view of the tunnel linings, and finally a report on the conditions and integrity of the tunnel submitted to the Client.

Winner of Engineering Excellence Awards 2017 by BUILD, U.K.
Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia

(2016): Provide professional services in the reviewing and editing of the proposed MyCrest standards. Also, organizing a three-day seminar to provide the necessary professional training for the senior engineers and architects of CIDB and JKR Malaysia on the MyCrest implementation.

(2017): Collaborate with IIUM Consultancy Services to provide professional services in the studies and preparation of cabinet paper relating to MyCrest initiatives.


Published Books 

Our director cum founder, Dr. Ab Nasir Jaafar has recently released the following books (click for details):

  1. Al-Qur’an & Science: Have You Observed the Water that You Drink?
  2. Carbon and Its Impacts on Life
  3. Exposing the Quantum World in the Light of Islamic Science