Our mission is to provide world-class innovative services and processes in construction industry and asset management solutions, by establishing a long-term relationship for mutual benefits.


Our vision is to be recognized as a leading provider of innovative engineering and built environment solutions by incorporating green technology to benefit the global community.

Core Values

• Honesty
• Professionalism
• Teamwork
• Respect
• Trust


Concrete Structural Inspection & Repair

Our particular expertise is the structural inspection and repair of concrete bridges, tunnels, and buildings. Equipped with our in-depth knowledge and vast experience in concrete behaviour and structural analysis, we can perform details inspection and subsequently propose an economical repair method as an efficient solution to any specific structural problems.

ICT Systems Integration

Equipped with a broad technical knowledge of the available software and hardware and many decades of experience in building and civil engineering works, we can provide the expert know-how in recommending the best and practical solutions as a complete package to Clients.

Building Performance Improvement

We provide a total solution in actually reducing building energy consumption by collecting and analyzing relevant indoor data using established CFD software and recommending to the Client the most optimum solution to save energy cost.

Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System

We provide the necessary tool for a real-time data acquisition, component structural analysis, and the corresponding alert system, all of which are continuously linked to the Internet for monitoring the safety and functionality of buildings and civil infrastructures.